пятница, 22 марта 2013 г.


Boys don`t cry, remember I the words of one song)))
Grange 90-s is coming back, and now it was tansforemed a little. When I tought abot this photosession and how to combine this shoes, I remembered one grange look in Vogue 1994 year! And done it in my style, nothing common with 90-s, only a spitit of time, and details, such as this bodycone dress combined with this lovely sneakers from  LETY OUTLET

Snikers you can find here http://www.letyonline.com/,  dress Zara and Asos bag and heart thights 

четверг, 14 марта 2013 г.

суббота, 9 марта 2013 г.

High! Hihg! High!

    When I was a young girl of 5 years old the high pwatform was very popular! One heat summer day We with my mom were wating for a train to go to our dacha, sitting on a branch we were reading the humor magazin Krokodil, there was some humor about this shoes, one girl was calling to aid and saying doctors, doctors, please help, here a woman fell from the platform (platform is railway station and high shoes)

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